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Drawing on over 16 years of experience, I specialize in establishing a long-term vision for the organization and aligning the talent pool with immediate and future objectives. I am adept at adapting to evolving business needs, including integrating new technologies, while prioritizing security and risk management to deliver competitive advantage and exceed stakeholder expectations.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2024 [view degree ]

Master of Science in Computer Science (MS)

2020 - 2024 [view degree ]

Bachelor's in Computer Engineering

2010 - 2014



CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional [view certificate ]


CompTIA Security+ Certified [view certificate ]

Red Hat Certificates

Since 2011

I earned my first Red Hat certificate (RHCE on RHEL 5) in January, 2011.


Red Hat Certified Architect in Infrastructure, Level 5 [view certificate ]

Linux Performance Tuning

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Linux Performance Tuning [view certificate ]

Containers and Kubernetes

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers and Kubernetes [view certificate ]


Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers [view certificate ]


Red Hat Certified Engineer (certified on RHEL 5, 6, 7) [view certificate ]


Red Hat Certified System Administrator [view certificate ]

RHCSA in OpenStack

Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack [view certificate ]


Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization [view certificate ]

High Availability Clustering

Red Hat Certified Specialist in High Availability Clustering [view certificate ]

Gluster Storage

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Gluster Storage Administration [view certificate ]

Deployment and Systems Management

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Deployment and Systems Management [view certificate ]

Server Security and Hardening

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Server Security and Hardening [view certificate ]

Security: Network Services

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security: Network Services [view certificate ]


Red Hat Certified Specialist in SELINUX Policy Administration [view certificate ]


Red Hat Certified Specialist in Directory Services and Authentication [view certificate ]

AWS Certificates


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate [view certificate ]

Cisco Certificates


Cisco Certified Network Associate [view certificate ]

Kubernetes Certificates


Certified Kubernetes Administrator [view certificate ]

Python Certificates


Certified Associate in Python Programming [view certificate ]

Agile / Scrum


Professional Scrum Master 1 [view certificate ]

cPanel Certificates

Since 2008

I started managing cPanel/WHM servers in 2008.


cPanel & WHM System Administrator I Certification [view certificate ]


cPanel and WHM Administrator Certification [view certificate ]


cPanel Professional Certification [view certificate ]


LiteSpeed Certification [view certificate ]

Data Science

Machine Learning Fundamentals

University of California, San Diego and edX [view certificate ]

Python for Data Science

University of California, San Diego and edX [view certificate ]

Probability and Statistics in Data Science using Python

University of California, San Diego and edX [view certificate ]

Since 2008

PhysicsHelp4u.com (2008)

I have always been enthusiastic about physics and mathematics. I developed my first website, physicshelp4u.com, in 2008 to offer free help on physics. The website was search engine optimized and it was a success when my site showed on the first page on Google Search for the keywords "physics help" and "free physics help". Although I own the domain now, the project is currently inactive.

Linux Server Administration (2008)

I got a bare metal server for hosting PhysicsHelp4u.com. It was 2008 when I started working on IT Infrastructure Administration, Security, and Application Development.

Linux Workstation (2008)

I built my first Linux workstation in 2008. It had a AMD Phenom II X6 1090T CPU, 16GB RAM, and a discrete graphics card connected to dual 22-inch 1080p monitors.

Personal Website (2010)

I created my personal website in July, 2010. The domain soumik.com was priced at $5000 and I could not afford it at that time. Finally, I switched it over to soumik.com in December, 2021.

The Geek Stuff

IT Infrastructure Management, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems

• Operating Systems Used (on servers): RHEL, CentOS 5/6/7/8, AlmaLinux 8, Ubuntu, Debian.

• Control Panels Used (on servers): cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Webmin, CWP Pro, Kloxo, Interworx, SolusVM, Virtualizor, HyperVM.

• Implement new servers and cloud infrastructure with distributed storage.

• Commonly used tools (the list is not exhaustive): strace/ltrace, sed/awk/grep, ps, top, netstat, portstat, tcpdump, lsof, dmidecode, systemtap/stap, gnuplot, rrdtool, libcgroup – sysstat (sar, iostat, vmstat, etc), rpmbuild, netstat, chkrootkit, rkhunter, iscsi, svn, tuned, iptables, CSF, APF, BFD, Litespeed, Apache, Nginx, IPMI, KVM over IP, Nagios, Cacti.

• RPM Package Manager: Edit files and compile RPMs.

• Redundant Architecture Configuration: Includes Hardware RAID10 and RAID60 arrays.

• Highly Available Clusters, Load Balancing, Performance Tuning.

• Distributed Storage: Mounted via network protocols, Ceph, iSCSI, NFS, SMB.

• Hadoop Clusters, HDFS

• Automated Backup Management

• System Recovery: Includes booting a system using a rescue ISO to recover data.

• Virtualization: KVM, OpenVZ/Virtuozzo. Includes setup, maintenance, and migration of virtual machines across clusters.

• Network Configuration and Management, DHCP.

• Web Servers (Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed), FTP Servers.

• Migration of servers and cloud infrastructure to a different data center.

• Proactive system monitoring and automated alerts.


• Denial of Service (DoS) attack filtration using firewall: Includes SYN Flood and other types of attacks.

• Web Security: Managing server and website security using firewalls and mod_security/WAF rules. Includes brute force protection, securing file systems like /tmp by mounting such partitions with less privileges, removing additional software and permissions that are not required, protecting websites against injections, and others.

• SELINUX: Configure custom SELINUX policies. For example, if SELINUX is enabled and we want to use a port other than 22 for SSH, the policy needs to be updated.

• Rootkit Monitoring: Setup rootkit detection software and configure it to email the administrator if a rootkit is detected.

• Virus Monitoring: Setup antivirus software and configure it to email the administrator if a virus is detected.

• Secure FTP, Apache, DNS, and other services.

• Intrusion detection and removing/repairing infected files.

• Follow Least Privilege Access where possible.

• IP based access control and block public ports not actively used.

• Tracking and patching of zero day vulnerabilities.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

• Includes popular AWS services like EC2, Lightsail, S3, IAM, DynamoDB, Aurora, Redshift, Route 53, Load Balancing, VPC, High Availability, SQS, SWF, SNS, Kinesis, Serverless Applications, and others.

Other Cloud Platforms

• GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Software Development and Maintenance

• Web Development: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, JQUERY, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite.

• Python

• Software Development Life Cycle, Agile, Scrum.

• Other programming languages used in the past: C++, JAVA.


• PHP scripts (installation, configuration, customization, maintenance): CRM, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, phpBB, SMF, WHMCS, PunBB, Drupal, Odoo, Kayako, AWBS, Coppermine, 4images, osTicket, vBulletin, MAILMAN, SPHIDER, XenForo, and many more.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Includes proper "H" tags, no broken links, organized breadcrumbs, ALT tags for images, content related to the domain, focus on user experience, and other factors.

• Data Science, Data Analytics, Python for Data Science.

• Operating Systems Used (on personal computers): Linux (Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux), Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11), macOS.

• Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro DC.

• Drafting policies and compliance management including DMCA, HIPPA, GDPR, and others.

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